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Mobile apps, Desktop apps, Responsive websites, Data analytics, Natural language processing

Natural language powered search engine

We build tools that recognizes users textual search queries into meaningful data, extract relevant information from natural language text which in turn can give you the summary. Either be it named entity recognition, location search or keyword extraction, we provide deep analysis for content, relations and semantics with much more accuracy.

Flight search api

Our flight search api extracts important query parameters from natural search string

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Date parser

Parses the natural language text to date. Our api is smart enough to fix human errors

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Analytics with better insights


Take your analytics experience a step further and get full insights of your app or data so that you can track and compare your performance.

Gizbel® provides dedicated support for analytics which can extract useful insights from data by innovatively using strategy and tools.

Everything you'd want in your application

Are you looking for a transformation? Then you need innovative applications which respond to the changing needs of today‚Äôs world. Gizbel® application development services helps enterprises, to achieve long term customer loyalty, faster time to market and develop new growth opportunities, by providing innovative user experiences, non-disruptive improvisation on existing applications and transformative digital solutions adaptable to dynamic business environment.

  • Desktop applications
  • IOs applications
  • Android applications
  • Windows phone applications
  • Responsive web applications
Application development

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